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Broadband Enterprise has the largest pool of hotels purchasing bandwidth with Internet Managed Services from us. Most 3rd party integrators and management companies purchase from Broadband Enterprise for their hospitality needs – as our costs are lower and direct Tier 1 facilities based.
Broadband Enterprise sells Internet Bandwidth, Data, Voice and soon IPTV (Video) at industry’s best pricing for the highest level of service.

Broadband Enterprise Voice is purchased only through Tier 1 companies, so that means voice stays native and in most cases prioritized over the internet. Since no oversubscription is done by Broadband Enterprise, hotels can oversubscribe themselves.

IP Voice/SIP industry by and large tends to oversubscribe voice sometimes 100:1, and so far the internet has not broken, but new real-time apps taking over traffic could soon cause voice congestion. Most hotels do not know if hotel guests get a busy signal, cross talk or interference from oversubscription, and guests just end up redialing.

It’s critical to understand voice buying and how underlying telecommunications networks sell voice services. If voice is not serviced by a Tier 1 provider directly to the hotel, hotels need to shut down purchase.

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Broadband Enterprise Data is purchased directly and only with Tier 1 telecommunications networks, so latency and packet loss is minimized, or close to zero.

No contracts are auto renewed and no contracts are 3rd party, meaning all services for data sold are directly purchased with a local Tier 1 network. Most often Hotels get caught up with Tier 2 phone companies – and if that is the case during investigation, make sure evaluator shuts down that purchase.

We’re seeing several issues with Tier 2 networks’ auto renewals and in some cases, charges 90% more than what they should be. When a Tier 2 network sells Hotels services they have to purchase from a Tier 1 called a “Type 2 Service”, where the network has no infrastructure. Hotels need to ask if it’s a “Type 2 Service” being sold, and if it is, they should proceed to shut down that purchase.

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IPTV/Real Time Video – Broadband Enterprise is testing new IPTV services that would not only cost less, but permit advertising sharing with hotels, which means video costs are minimized or zero.

Proliferation of content is so ubiquitous that hotels today should not be paying for generic video, they should only pay for premium content. Ensure hotel wiring is owned by the hotel and not 3rd party, and verify that the Wi-Fi works well – 2 options exist today to offer TV over existing coaxial cable or over Wi-Fi to each room. HDTV needs only about 3-5 Meg per room, which isn’t a lot.

If your Wi-Fi works great and is reliable – you can offer your guests IPTV today.

Please reach us at: info@broadbandent.com or call us at: 786-713-5503


AT&T Platinum Award Winner – Largest Sales 2015 DIA Services

AT&T Platinum Award Winner – Largest Sales 2014

ACC Business 2 Awards – One for Technology Leadership – 2014

ACC Business (Division of AT&T) Award for Sales 2013

ACC Business (Division of AT&T) Award for Sales 2012

The Company is at its highest level of wholesale with most Carriers and continues to pass along savings to customers.

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